An exclusive boutique hotel in Hida Takayama.


About Anchor Site

Private accommodation in Hida-Takayama


The right choice of accommodation can make a good trip into an exceptional one. Base your travels around Hida-Takayama at our exquisite private hotel, ideal for couples, families, or close groups. Enjoy the freedom of a spacious two storied building replete with elegant natural wood interior and modern amenities. Not just a place to stay; a place to relish.

A short stroll to the old city and morning market


Takayama City is a must visit destination, rated the highest 3 stars in the Michelin Travel Guide.
Known as ‘the Little Kyoto of Hida’, the picturesque old town is steeped in Edo period charm. Anchor Site is located just seven minutes’ walk from the old town, and three minutes from the popular Miyagawa morning market. Other attractions nearby include the UNESCO World Heritage Site Shirakawa-go, a historically important village of traditionally thatched Gassho-style farmhouses, numerous hot springs, and local sake breweries. Make the most of your stay at Hida-Takayama from our central location.